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We have worked with many IT industries and enjoy excellent relationships with a breadth of clients from large businesses to small dealerships and start-ups.We listen to our clients needs carefully and take pride in helping them meet their most pressing challenges.And in the rapidly-changing world,we give them support today and create long-term value for tomorrow


A brand is extraordinarily greater than a logo.We are objective and utilize a logical process to decide what will essentially achieve the goal.For marketing,selling,recruiting and raising capital,brand strategy works as a framework.And as an outcome the return and efficiency of marketing and sales is increased.

  • Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority

  • Government of Telangana

  • Government of Bihar

  • TATA


Uipro Corporation is a software development company that helps the businesses and is a trusted technical partner.We work with you to analyze the problem and find solutions to best cope up with.We help you to develop your product and launch it in the market.

  • Bihari Work, Darbhanga

  • Mogambo, Chhattisgarh

  • The Atrium, Patna

  • SamayPe, Mumbai

  • Likekart, Khagaria

  • Vartouhi Creations, Mumbai

  • Social Study, Patna

  • Supertrip Zilla, Goa

  • Print Craft, Patna

  • Registration Karao, Delhi

  • Techno Trade, Jamshedpur

  • Jodi Milan, Patna

  • Shighra Vivha, Patna

  • Bihar Yojna, Patna

  • Spot Garage, Patna

  • Banta Bihar, Patna

  • WashingXpress, Patna

  • Easy Join, Delhi

  • Loser Adda, Kolkata

  • Dustwon, Chhattisgarh

  • Best Fashion Point, Haryana

  • Sattvam, Patna

  • Kewal, Gaya

  • UMDA Connect, Patna

  • Hotel Sea Shine, GOA

  • Okkynow, Delhi

  • News14, Patna


We acknowledge the needs of enterprise companies and assist them on the path of digital transformation.We offer prevalent customizable and scalable enterprise solutions to address your business needs.Our enterprise application development services are a best suited for companies that need modern technologies to run their businesses.

  • Niveshi, Delhi

  • Zeta Media, Patna

  • UMDA, Patna

  • Surya Threshers, Saharanpur

  • S V Green, Hyderabad

  • Biryani Mahal, Patna

  • Alok Bharti, Ranchi

  • Spice Route Business, Bengaluru

  • NBR Realters, Hyderabad

  • Sai Vigneshwara Agency, Hyderabad

  • Elegance For Womens, Patna

  • Orion Paints, Bihar Sharif

  • Earthing Solutions, Patna


Our software services helps to build an education ecosystem making the process of imparting education virtually and manage education more efficiently with regular involvement and awareness of parents.

  • Inspriria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri

  • Siliguri Model High School, Siliguri

  • Darjeeling Public School, Siliguri

  • Megamind, Patna

  • Infinity, Patna

  • Shree Mathematics Hub, Ranchi

  • Sanskar International School, Patna

  • Meridian International School, Patna

  • Junior DPS, Delhi

  • Digital Meditation, New York

  • Hind Defence Academy, Patna

  • Vectus Eduserv, Patna

  • Medico Makers, Patna

  • CME, Patna

  • Friend's Academy, Patna

  • Modern Bio Tutorial, Patna

  • Coms Chemistry, Patna

  • Engineers Arena, Pune

  • Sharp Institute, Kolkata

  • Top Career, Delhi


It helps in better planning and monitoring of duties and keep all the files in a single place,saving time.Different people work on a same project which increase the efficiency and helps to focus on the mission with transparency.

  • Samridhi, Patna

  • BPSCWA, Patna

  • Biharmajdoor.org, Patna

  • Abhiyan, Patna

  • Sumarth, Gaya

  • Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation, Ranchi

  • Janbihar.org, Nalanda

  • Jagvandan Sewa Sansthan, Patna

  • Apala Foundation, Patna



Medical software services help in maintaining patient's medical records.This makes life easier as doctor can access complete medical histories of patient and make the most well-considered medical decisions.

  • Star Hospital, Hyderabad

  • Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad

  • Apollo Cradle & Children's Hospital, Hyderabad

  • Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad

  • Galaxy Hospital, Patna

  • ISPAT Cooperative Hospital, Kolkata

  • Sri Sai Hospital, Patna

  • Sri Ram Hospital, Patna

  • OM Dental, Patna

  • Bright Smile Dental Center, Nicosia

  • All For Dogs, Patna

  • Vets and Pets, Patna

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